Who Offers The Best Payday Loans And How To Find Them

Payday loans: how to find them

ersonal loans: how to find them

The purchase of a motorcycle, the financing of an entrepreneurial project, a sudden expense, the need to help a child. There are many reasons why you can apply for payday loans with amounts even greater than 10 thousand USD.

Depending on the desired sum, the application must be submitted directly online or it will be possible to submit the request online. Clearly, the application must be submitted personally to the branch for loans with a significant amount. Banks and financial companies require a direct comparison with the applicant before granting 20 or 30 thousand USD.

While online applications are sufficient for loans of a relatively low amount (5-7 thousand USD). Of course, the application must be accompanied by all the expected income documentation. Normally the bank’s reply is communicated within 24-48 hours.

The best personal finance deals

The best personal finance deals

But how to find the most convenient payday loans ? The easiest way is to resort to online comparators. These are websites that allow the comparison of various financial products, offered by banks and financial companies.

Operation is very simple: just enter the conditions of the loan you wish to apply for in the application form. The system automatically proposes all products that meet the indicated criteria.

The factors to consider to identify the most advantageous payday loans are Tan and Taeg. The first is the nominal annual rate and represents the pure interest applied to the loan. The annual percentage rate of charge (Taeg) indicates the total cost of the loan, expressed as a percentage value.

To identify the most advantageous personal financing offers of the moment, we hypothesized, using a comparator, a 5 thousand USD loan request with repayment in 60 months.

Under these conditions, the most advantageous product is a loan from ConTe.it, which provides for Tan and Taeg fixed at 4.67% and 6.54% respectively. Agos instead expects a Tan of 5.41 and a Taeg fixed at 6.65%.

Wedding Loans – Alternatives to Social Security

The wedding day is certainly one of the most important days in people’s lives, not only for what the wedding represents, but also for the important investments that are made to achieve this goal.

Location, favors, clothes, logistics for guests, honeymoon are in fact only some of the items required by the organization of a traditional ceremony, items that can greatly increase the budget that has been decided to allocate. In these cases, what is called a “marriage loan” may meet. Let’s find out what it is and how to get it.

Finalized or personal loan

Finalized or personal loan

The loan for marriage is nothing more than a subsidized loan to carry out the marriage, thus allowing the spouses to fulfill their dream without worries or worries. There are two ways to apply for a loan to get married: through a targeted loan or a personal loan.

The first is what can be obtained directly from the dealer, who has entered into agreements linked to a bank and offers this opportunity to the spouses / buyers. However, this type of financing is linked to only one product: honeymooners, wedding favors, home furniture and so on.

Then there is another way, which is that of personal loan aimed at marriage. In this case, the bank or financial institution makes a sum available to the spouses, which they will spend on everything related to the organization of the ceremony.

The various proposals on the market

The various proposals on the market

As subsidized financing in the strict sense, there is the possibility in favor of public employees to apply for an INPS ex Inpdap loan. In addition, there are various choices on the market, made available by many banks and by the Italian Post Office for marriage.

Fine Bank, for example, offers its financing for ceremonies: $ 5,000 which can be paid in 48 monthly base installments of $ 125.50 (the plan can then be personalized in the branch). The rates here are fixed and include a Tan at 9.45% and a Taeg at 9.87%.

Agree Bank instead focuses on flexibility and higher amounts: the loan can also be granted 48 hours after the request and the rates, on an amount of 10,000 dollars repayable in 120 months with installments of 128.70 dollars per month equivalent to a fixed Tan at 8.91%, and at a Taeg at 10.26%.

Lastly, Fine Bank grants loans of up to 30,000 dollars with the first installment to be repaid after 30 days and payment of up to 120 months. Finally, we must not forget that to obtain a marriage loan you need a demonstrable income, as well as residency in Italian territory and an age between 18 and 75 years.